Creative Marketing

We are hungry, permanently chasing inspiration. We follow trends and overtake them. We invade with ideas to attract attention. We always have a plan “B” while others still discuss plan “A”. The way we think is methodical, the way we create is emotional.
We communicate messages.

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Before we talk big, we’d rather let you see some of our actions.

How we think

When advertising is fun, then we did it well. Consumers today seldom accept classic advertising messages. “Buy it now” only works as an exception. They want to be gripped by something, informed and entertained. And that is exactly what we do.


Good marketing means seeking standard solutions and realizing them. Creative marketing ignores those standards and chases more inspiration far off the grid. Because the first ideas, the easy ideas are conventional that everyone already thought of.


Marketing sometimes costs a lot of money, time and energy. Then it really has to be successful so that it generates returns on all that investment.


The quality of advertising also depends on the good match of the agency and the customer. Let us not speak about offer XY, but let us get to know each other while having a cup of tea or coffee.


We are really pumped about big challenges. We tackle them, as long as you don’t want the ordinary.

We can do it

…and the reason why you are here begins.

Mental Exercise

Classic advertising, or rather what is apparently meant to be in fashion?

Certainly you still look at some coarse ads in daily newspapers, but it`s a matter of fact that the media is permanently changing. Honestly, there is nothing else to do than to focus on modern marketing methods!

  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Content Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Workshops
  • Corporate Branding
  • Guerilla-Marketing
  • Presentations

No 8-page flyers with lots of text!

We focus on digital canals, which allow for extensive interaction with the consumer. Offline media we nearly only use to gain customers.

  • Corporate Design 2.0 (web- and videooptimized)
  • Digital Graphic-Design
  • Social Media
  • Google advertising (SEA)
  • Facebook advertising
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Webdesign & Usability-Design

Exciting, entertaining & non-stop baaaam!

No other tool addresses so many senses in such a condensed format and is, at the same time, able to be highly emotional.

  • Social Media-Clips
  • Viral Clips
  • Commercial
  • Animated Films
  • Explanatory Films
  • Operation Instructions / Tutorials
  • Travel Companion / Event Reports

Bought stock photos? – Not in a time when authenticity is key.

Costumers do notice if photos were only bought from an image database. Whoever wants to appear real shows authentic people with honest, pleasant photography.

  • Retro Looks and Street-style
  • Creative Advertising Photography
  • Event Reports
  • Product Photos
  • Compositions

Work with Friends

Who we are

Our team of eight people is based at two locations, Leipzig & Erfurt. On board are media designers, graphic designers, media scientists, marketing and film experts. We believe that the best ideas can only be found in a healthy team.

Christopher Siebenhüner

CEO, Founder

Ralph Hölzer

Creative Director, 2nd Founder

Antje Duscha

Account Manager, Offer Preparations

Marita Günther

Project Manager, Social Media

Martin Hirschmann

Graphic Designer, Photographer

Julius Dürrfeld

Camera man, Motion Graphics

Daniela Riedel

Authorised Officer

How we work

…hit the road running.

We are not those who think of a catchy slogan and a very expensive TV ad. We question products and services and ask ourselves what is so great about them. The answers we get are usually interesting for our customers.


Listening, tasting, smelling, seeing, touching…Experience.
Develop a passion!

Creative Concepts

That is our work in a nutshell. With our experience in being creative for years we find effective ideas.

Dynamic Realization

What`s cool today, can be old-school tomorrow. One step at a time instead of long campaigns or the image film for the next decade.

Check & Touch

Digital media provide uncountable possibilities of evaluation. Those can be used to act even during the realization in a very flexible way.

Hard facts

min per month: YouTube is used within the age group of 14 to 49 years
% more often content with matching photos are looked at in the Internet
% more successful creative advertising is in comparison with simple advertising
seconds longer users stay on websites with video content


Why is 6 so afraid of 7? – Because 7, 8, 9.Why can’t the bike stand on it’s own? – Because it was two tired!What’s a fish without an eye? – Fsh!What happened to the cat that swallowed a ball of wool? – She had mittens.Why did the potato blush? – Because it saw the slad dressing.

— You got one? Give it to us! —

Favourite Subject

We know our stuff.

Every agency has areas and sectors within the most experience and passion. That is also true for us!



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Office USA:

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